How to Catch and Stop People Stealing Your Packages [ Now! ]

Let’s Catch the People Stealing Your Packages

Wait a minute! You don’t need to catch them, you only need to deter them. The people stealing your packages are criminals, and criminals can be dangerous!

The less contact we have with the people stealing our packages the better. The ideal situation is to make the thieves realize it’s not even worth going onto your property. Our packages are important, but our safety is more important.

There’s nothing worse than coming home, already knowing a package has been delivered, only to find it missing. You check with your neighbors, no they don’t have it. There must be some package theft solutions available to us.

The feeling is terrible, you can feel it in your gut. You have been violated. Someone has been on your property. You want it to stop. It’s bad enough when you ordered the package for yourself, but when it is sent to you as a gift, the feeling is much worse.

Do the People Stealing Your Packages Operate a Scam

It’s possible. Some criminals are more organized than others. Package theft is a growing concern in all major U.S. cities. A company named C + R research published a report on the subject of package theft. They questioned thousands of people across America and found that 36% of all people have had a package stolen from their front porch.

Home package delivery is at an all-time high. The report by C + R also notes that 50% of respondents have a package delivery at least weekly if not daily. People are looking for some package theft solutions so they don’t become a victim, again.

The people stealing your packages (Porch Pirates) do have a variety of scams that use various methods to find and steal your packages. They may get children involved that appear to be going door-to-door selling candy or magazines.

If they knock on a door where there is no answer, and there is a package at the door, they relay the info to their adult crime leaders. Then, the people stealing your packages make plans to discreetly get your packages.

These Porch Pirates, the people stealing your packages, have other methods they use. They have been known to actually follow the delivery trucks. They watch if anyone answers the door or not when the delivery driver knocks.

If the package has been left on the porch, it’s easy picking. Also, the people stealing your packages may work in teams of two vehicles, alternating between following the delivery truck and taking the packages. There must be some package theft solutions we can utilize.

Best Ways to Deter the People Stealing Your Packages

Sometimes creating a good deterrent is all that you will need to stop the people stealing your packages. The saying in the old days used to be

“Locks Can Only Keep Honest People Honest”

Now in the days of people stealing your packages, the saying is,

“Cameras Can Only Keep Honest People Honest”.

Surveillance cameras are definitely a deterrent, but some people stealing your packages don’t care if they are recorded on video or not. When installing the cameras ensure they are obviously visible. Signage indicating the presence of video recording devices also are helpful. The camera only catches the people stealing your packages on camera, useless at times.

During the evening hours, the presence of motion-activated floodlights at the perimeter of your property is also a good deterrent. The people stealing your packages will find another target once they have been spotlighted while entering your property. In addition to motion-activated lighting, noisy dogs and nosey neighbors can help to deter the thieves.

Deterrence measures are one thing but more must be done to help ensure our packages don’t get stolen. Let’s take a look at what’s working in the new age of home deliveries.

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Ways to Stop the People Stealing Your Packages – Tactics That Work!

To stop people from stealing your packages there must be several options available for the delivery process. Not one solution will work for all deliveries. Companies each have their unique methods of delivery and security practices. Some companies offer solutions directly to their customers, some don’t.

Package Theft Solutions

Permit Entry Access to Delivery Drivers

There are other retailers that participate in similar types of programs. Inquire with your specific retailer for details.

Use Access Points or Alternate Delivery Destination

There are more than 90,000 access points offered in the USA by the USPS, FedEx, UPS, and Amazon.

Consider the option of getting a BoxLock

This is a smart padlock offered by BoxLock that can be accessed by hundreds of thousands of delivery drivers across the U.S. BoxLock is becoming the leader in contactless, secure delivery solutions.

The smart padlock secures a parcel box that can be secured on your porch or another area outside your home. The smart padlock has a barcode scanner built-in. It also allows anyone who you text a barcode the ability to securely pick up or drop off an item at your house. It works in conjunction with:

Another company that offers a similar product is PorchPod. It’s not high tech, but it is simple and effective.

Other things you can do to stop the people stealing your packages

Package Theft – The Psychology Behind It

I know you don’t like people stealing your packages, but you got to wonder why they do it. Every time I have a package stolen from my house the same thought goes through my mind. What goes through the mind of a Porch Pirate?

Why do people steal my packages, or why do people steal anything?

So, I researched the matter thinking that if I knew why they did the things they do, perhaps I could avoid being one of their victims. Turns out, there are many reasons people steal packages, and they have many different motives. Here are some possible explanations:

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