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Best Work at Home Network Security Practices For 2021

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Your Employer Has You Working At Home

New home office. New work routine. It’s time to figure out what the best work at home network security practices are and how to incorporate them. In early 2020 the landscape for many workers worldwide changed. Although it is possible in most cases to get as much work done at home as in the office there are additional challenges to address. There are distractions at home that are not present in the office. There are kids that are home from school to deal with, pets to feed, and spouses looking for attention. It’s a whole new work environment.

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There are new software programs and teleconferencing applications to learn. And, there is the issue of making sure your environment and work practices are suitable for working with sensitive and perhaps proprietary information. The network, laptops, and other devices must be secure in order to protect your privacy.

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While you’re getting your work-at-home systems set up, here are some practices for protecting your devices and personal information.

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It’s not easy to always utilize the best work at home network security practices. It’s an adjustment. Whatever effort is required to train yourself in the best work at home network security practices should be done. Home offices are becoming the trend of the future.

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How can I work using best home network security practices?

Figure out what the best work at home network security practices are and how to incorporate them. Utilize company policies at home just like you would in the workplace. Keep an emphasis on data security. Protect data in transit and at rest.

What is a security best practice to employ on a home computer?

Keep antivirus software up to date, use strong and complex passwords, and encrypt data, especially while in transit.

Featured photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash
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