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How to Avoid Social Engineering Attacks and Ransomware 101

What are Social Engineering Attacks and Ransomware

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Prevention and Removal of Ransomware

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Every User is Responsible for Their Own Actions

As a computer user you are your own last line of defense against social engineering attacks. As a business owner it is your responsibility to implement and maintain a security awareness program. Developing good security awareness habits goes a long ways in preventing social engineering attacks and ransomware.

Here’s some tips that should be remembered and practiced

Don’t Become a Victim!

Ways to prevent social engineering attacks and ransomware

If you ever think that you have become a victim of Identity Theft the first thing you do is to report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It is easily done by accessing IDENTITYTHEFT.GOV. There you can report the identity theft and get a recovery plan with steps that you need to take. And, always remember to be on the lookout for social engineering attacks and ransomware campaigns.

Companies like Kaspersky® offer free and paid Anti-Ransomware products. They offer solutions for the home and for business.

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